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Short Bio

MeFor Ruth, stories that don’t have at least a dash of adventure, a hint of mystery and a sprinkling of wit simply aren’t worth writing. She’s also been known to compose the odd poem from time to time.

Ruth is a full-time geek, and wishes you could get paid for that. Amongst the great loves of her life are books, trees, the ocean, tea and pizza. She’s always been fascinated by mythology and history, and she’s a huge fan of Sir Terry Pratchett, Doctor Who, NCIS, and the Piano Guys.


Longer Bio

From the moment she understood that the stories in books actually came from somewhere, Ruth Fanshaw has wanted to write them. She wrote her first story when she was six, and made her first attempt at a novel when she was fourteen. With nearly four decades of writing experience under her belt, she now feels she may be getting good enough to publish.

She writes because she loves it.

Ruth is currently drafting Verdandi’s Thread, a crossover/portal fantasy based in Norse mythology. It’s the first book of The Ravensong, a projected series of eight full-length novels. She expects to begin outlining the second book in the series this year.

Her secondary work in progress is Independent, a humorous story about what might happen if the slightly eccentric inhabitants of a tidal island in Cornwall declared themselves an independent country. It’s intended to have the same kind of ambience as the old Ealing Comedies, and is the first of a projected trilogy.

Ruth has been a committed Christian since 1990. She has a neurological condition called M.E. (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis), and her dream is to get off disability benefits by earning her living as a writer.


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